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Since opening in 2014, SaladStop! Philippines has been dedicated to ending ‘pre-made culture’ and ensuring a more conscious way of eating. For us, every bowl that you enjoy is the result and catalyst of a positive cycle of change. From local sourcing of ingredients to rewarding the use of reusable containers, we prioritize integrating sustainability into our business.

We believe that our food, our communities and our environment are all connected. Because of this, we want to share our vision of “Eating wide awake”, which means finding the best possible ingredients to feed the mind, body and spirit by taking the environment into consideration.

Eating is about more than just being good for our bodies. It is about being good to everything around us too. Join our movement towards a healthier life and a more sustainable future.

SaladStop! Singapore is a Certified B Corporation. We are proud to be part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. As a B Corp, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world by using business as a force for good, balancing people, planet and profit.



towards Net-Zero

In 2022, SaladStop! reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of our first Net-Zero store at CapitaSpring, followed by another location in 2024 at Marina Bay Link Mall. This also marked the debut of the first Net-Zero F&B establishment in Southeast Asia. This cemented our climate commitment as we did not want to stop at one, but set ourselves an ambitious goal to reach Net-Zero across the company by 2030.

The objective of the Net-Zero store is to achieve maximum reduction in embodied and operational carbon emissions by identifying and employing emission reduction opportunities. Embodied carbon is the amount of carbon emitted during the construction of a building, while operational emissions refer to greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted as part of the company’s operating activities. When all reduction efforts were exhausted, we used high-quality carbon credits to offset residual emissions.

Carbon offsetting allows us to balance out our climate impact and compensate for the emissions we produced by reducing the CO2 elsewhere. The carbon credits we purchased (accredited by reputable registry Gold Standard) helped to fund two carbon-reduction projects.

We will continuously monitor our emissions and reduce where possible, using carbon offsets only when unavoidable, throughout our journey towards Net Zero.

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Empower You


We source the majority of our ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. With every purchase of our freshly-made products, you are supporting the livelihoods of our hardworking Filipino farmers and making the choice to buy locally-grown produce.

By sourcing locally, we support a more resilient local economy. Together, we’re not just making a purchase; we’re fostering a sustainable cycle that benefits both the environment and our community.


Bringing your own containers for takeaways will help to reduce the number of single-use food packaging waste which end up at the landfill. We thank you for this small action by rewarding you with 10PHP off when you bring your own container, and 20PHP off when you use your SaladStop! Collapsible Bowl.

We also have reusable tote bags and cutlery sets in-store for those who want to avoid single-use paper bags and utensils.


A plant-based diet could quite literally save the Earth, by freeing up space for nature and resolving the planet’s land use crisis. Majority of our salad bar is plant-based, giving you more choices to opt for a meal which is without animal proteins. You can also ask our friendly staff for vegan or vegetarian options.


Trees Planted


All time

Carbon absorbed

70 tCO2e

Carbon absorbed

1700 m2

Same size as 0.365 soccer fields

Equivalent to

900000 m2

Of driving in a new car

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    Sustainable Design

    Pomeroy Studio is an award-winning international team of designers and thought leaders of sustainable built environments. We’ve asked for their help on designing and constructing the interior/exterior outlet space to adhere to defined net zero guidelines, including construction material and operating footprint.

    Turning trash into tiles

    MiniWiz focuses on turning post-consumer waste into high-performance materials. They created Trashpresso: the machine washes, shreds and mods locally collected plastics through an automated process. The output is up-cycled architectural tiles, which you can see throughout the store. Nice to know: all the tiles were made as a joint effort by the people from SaladStop!’s corporate office in Singapore.

    Carbon Neutral Delivery

    Not only will Deliveroo make sure you’ll have your meal delivered where and when you want it, but with our latest partnership, they will make sure to reduce their carbon footprint. In the net zero outlet at CapitaSpring, delivery will only be done by bicycle or walking. You can recognise these riders or walkers by the SaladStop! X Deliveroo shirts they will be wearing.

    Free zero-waste takeaway

    To reduce single-use waste from takeaway meals, customers can Borrow free Muuse reusables at SaladStop! outlets, Enjoy BYO discounts, and return within 30 days. SaladStop! aims to serve a significant proportion of its takeaway orders with reusable packaging.

    Understanding our impact

    We’ve reached out to Unravel Carbon to help us understand our regional carbon profile. We have measured the total emissions of greenhouse gases, and they have helped us ensure that solutions to reduce those are accurate, verifiable and can scale with the business. Together we will keep challenging ourselves on how we can improve our efforts on our yearly operational efficiency.

    Reducing waste

    Westcom Bio-Tech focuses on the technology development of food waste-to-fertiliser treatment with on-site digestion reducing our emission of greenhouse gases. At the same time, it ensures waste treatment, reduction, recycling, and reuse are done in a safe and environmentally sound manner. By using such a biodigester at CapitaSpring, we aim to minimise our impact derived from food waste.

    Useful purpose for felled trees

    Roger & Sons is a Singapore based team of ethical makers who craft fine furniture and thoughtful objects. One of their initiatives, the Local Tree Project, salvages trees that have been felled for urban development. It rehabilitates these abandoned logs by turning them into durable, future-proof objects and furniture. We happily participated in the project and used these logs in the store’s interior decoration finishes, such as the tables and shelves.

    Climate positive

    Our partnership with Handprint makes positive environmental action easy and effective. Not only will we offset any residual carbon emissions that could not be removed, but by buying a meal at the net zero outlet, you can contribute. With every order, 20c will go to a mangrove reforestation project in East Java (Indonesia). You can track our collective impact at the bottom of this page, or at the carbon offset counter display in-store.

    Self Sustaining Moss Feature

    Mosscape creates natural and preserved green walls and vertical gardens for all types of interiors. The plants are treated with a plant-based & biodegradable preservation liquid and go months without watering.

    Upcycled Chopsticks

    The showcased store wall design incorporates 57,120 wooden chopsticks upcycled from ChopValue.